Pumbaa Inu
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Phase 1
Pumbaa Inu Creation
  • Conceptualize and develop the Pumbaa Inu project
  • Define the tokenomics and utility of the Pumbaa Inu token
Launch Website
  • Create and launch an informative and user-friendly website for Pumbaa Inu
Community Building
  • Engage with the community and foster a strong and supportive network of Pumbaa Inu enthusiasts
Marketing Campaign
  • Implement a comprehensive marketing strategy to increase awareness and attract investors
Presale on Pinksale
  • Conduct a successful presale event on the Pinksale platform to provide early access to Pumbaa Inu tokens
Listing on PancakeSwap
  • List the Pumbaa Inu token on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange for trading
CMC and CGK Listing
  • Get Pumbaa Inu listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CGK) for increased visibility
Achieve 1000 Holders
  • Reach a significant milestone of 1000 holders of Pumbaa Inu tokens
Phase 2
10,000 Telegram Members
  • Grow the Pumbaa Inu Telegram community to 10,000 members, fostering active discussions and engagement
Second Audit
  • Conduct a thorough audit of the Pumbaa Inu smart contract to ensure security and trustworthiness
5,000 Holders Marketing Campaign
  • Implement targeted marketing campaigns to attract and onboard 5,000 holders of Pumbaa Inu tokens
Listing on BitMart
  • Secure a listing of Pumbaa Inu on the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange for increased accessibility and trading options
Achieve 7,000 Holders
  • Expand the Pumbaa Inu community to 7,000 holders, demonstrating growth and increasing token distribution
Phase 3
Pumbaa Inu Burn Event
  • Initiate a special burn event to reduce the total supply of Pumbaa Inu tokens, increasing scarcity and value
CEX Listings (Gate.io, MXC)
  • Secure additional listings of Pumbaa Inu on reputable centralized exchanges like Gate.io and MXC
20,000 Telegram Members
  • Continue to grow the Telegram community to 20,000 members, fostering a strong and supportive network
Achieve 10,000 Holders
  • Reach a significant milestone of 10,000 holders, showcasing widespread adoption and interest
NFT Marketplace
  • Launch an innovative NFT marketplace for Pumbaa Inu, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets